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Sepink is launched to the market in 2016 with the purpose of bringing to the cooking of our customers the authentic sea tastes and aromas through unique, natural and innovative products that promote a healthy diet and allow us to establish a relationship of trust with them.


Our passion for quality guides us in the process of continuous improvement with the aim of exceeding our customers expectations. Product research and development has led us to achieve an exceptional output, made exclusively with natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colorings, genetically modified organisms and gluten-free.  Our rigorous manufacturing process is top quality certified


Our proposal is to combine traditional cuisine and classic stews of black sauce calamari, rice and "pasta al nero di sepia" with new creations such as black tempura, mayonnaise, croquettes, black sauce fish, fideuás, cuttlefish meatballs, black bread, etc .


Accept Sepink  challenge and find out how far your imagination can take you.

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