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Sepink offers the housewife a natural cuttlefish ink of extraordinary quality, ideal to season its dishes with a unique aroma, taste and colour that won't leave anyone indifferent.


The natural Sepink ink is available in an economic format that offers complete food safety and is very convenient to use and store


In home cooking there is not only room for traditional gastronomy and classic squid stews of black sauce calamari, rice and "pasta al nero di sepia" but also for new creations such as black tempura, mayonnaise, croquettes, black sauce fish, fideuás, cuttlefish meatballs, black bread, etc .


Accept the Sepink challenge and enjoy your new dishes.

Sterilized Cuttlefish Ink 100g

  • Ingredients


    Cuttlefish ink, salt, water, locust bean gum.

    Contains no artificial colorants nor genetically modified organisms.

    Gluten-free. Contains mollusks.


  • Nutrition facts (100g)

    Energy value: 240 KJ / 57 Kcal.

    Proteins: 8,7g

    Carbohydrates: 5,6g of which sugars : <0,1g.

    Fats: < 0,1g of which saturated : <0,1g.

    Salt: 9g.

  • Conservation

    Best before date: 4 years from its manufacture.

    Room Temperature. Store in a cool and dry place.

    Once opened keep in refrigerator.

  • Logistic information

    Jar: Gross weight 190 g. Net weight 100g

    Box: 12 units

    Height x Length x Width - 11,0 x 22,5 x 15,0 cm

    Gross weight 2.400 g. Net weight 1.200 g

    Pallet 240 boxes

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