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Sepink offers large restaurants, caterings, food service, small workshops and the small artisanal industry a product of unique quality, complete food safety and great convenience of use and storage.


Sepink natural cuttlefish ink is made exclusively with natural ingredients and gives your dishes an intense colour, together with the authentic flavour and aroma of the sea.


The chef will be able to combine the traditional cuisine and the classic squid stews of black sauce calamari, rice and "pasta al nero di sepia" with new creations such as black tempura, mayonnaise, croquettes, black sauce fish, fideuás, cuttlefish meatballs, black bread, etc.

Sterilized Cuttlefish Ink 500g

  • Ingredientes


    Cuttlefish ink, salt, water, locust bean gum.

    Contains no artificial colorants nor genetically modified organisms.

    Gluten-free. Contains mollusks.

  • Nutricion facts (100g)

    Energy value: 240 KJ / 57 Kcal.

    Proteins: 8,7g

    Carbohydrates: 5,6g of which sugars : <0,1g.

    Fats: < 0,1g of which saturated : <0,1g.

    Salt: 9g.

  • Conservation

    Preferred consumption: 4 years from its manufacture.

    Ambient temperature. Keep in a cool and dry place.

    Once opened keep in refrigerator.

  • Logistic information

    Jar: Gross weight 730 g. Net weight 500g

    Box: 6 units

    Height x Length x Width - 13,0 x 27,0 x 18,0 cm

    Gross weight 4.550 g. Net weight 3.000 g

    Pallet 128 boxes

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