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Sepia and her ear

Try this combination of flavors: cuttlefish, pig's ear and black sand.

Short & Simple Title

In our days ,cooking innovation is an unstoppable trend, that's why we propose you this dish that combines flavors of always with modernity, simplicity with creativity, and all together with the distinctive touch added by our ink.

"Innovative, simple, fresh, perfect to enjoy  the sea and mountain cuisine"

Below are detailed in a simple and didactic way the steps to follow to bring this dish to your table and surprise your family and guests.

We hope you enjoy it!


For cuttlefish:

  • A cuttlefish

  • Ginger

  • Salt


For the black earth Sepink:

  • one onions

  • Cuttlefish clippings

  • A branch of celery

  • 3/4 litre of water

  • Two teespoons of Sepink ink

  • 100 gr. of butter

  • 100 gr. flour

  • 50 gr. of sugar

  • 20 gr. of broth

  • 5 gr. of salt


For the sauce:

  • Pork ear

  • Cuttlefish broth


For cuttlefish:

  • Clean the whole cuttlefish and separate the body. Save the fins and tentacles, which we will use for the sauce.

  • Cut the cuttlefish body into squares of approximately 4 x 4 cm. Make square cuts, season and add ginger.

  • Grill on a frying pan with a bit of oil


For the black earth Sepink:

  • Make a broth with the vegetables and the cuttlefish pieces. When the stock is well reduced, separate the meat and add the Sepink ink.

  • Mix the sugar and salt with the butter and add to the flour. Finally, add the broth.

  • Put the mixture in a film, roll and freeze.

  • Once frozen, grate with a microplane on a greaseproof paper and bake.


For the sauce:

  • Heat the cooked pork ear and add a little broth. Cook until the sauce is thick.


  • Put a little ear sauce on the plate, add the grilled squares of cuttlefish and sprinkle with the black earth.

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