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Black hake "Pintxo" with piquillo

Try this splendid "pintxo" of hake battered in ink with piquillo peppers.

Short & Simple Title

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Something new but something like always, easy and fast, pintxo or dish. Make it shine with Sepink.  A classic but original dish brings together the orchard and the sea. 

"Brighten up a classic like Roman-style hake with a splash of colour.

Below are detailed in a simple and didactic way the steps to follow to bring this dish to your table and surprise your family and guests.

We hope you enjoy it!


  • Hake pieces

  • Piquillo peppers

  • Slices of bread

  • One egg

  • Flour

  • Salt

  • Extra olive oil

  • Sepink cuttlefish ink

  • Optional: cream of pepper or mayonnaise


  • Salt the hake taquitos on both sides.

  • Beat an egg well in a soup dish together with a teaspoon of Sepink ink.

  • Arrange the flour in another dish.

  • Dip the hake well in flour and dip it in the beaten egg, leaving it to rest a little so that it impregnates the ink.

  • Heat abundant olive oil in a frying pan.

  • With the hot oil, fry the hake on both sides to make it juicy.

  • Once fried, remove and put on absorbent paper and also dry on top.


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