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Prawns in black tempura with sesame

A  tasty and natural snack with a differential value, easy and quick to make. Ensure that  colour, flavour and texture are in the game using Sepink cuttlefish ink.

DSC_0706 (3).JPG

In just 5 minutes you can offer a snack that will captivate the palate of your guests. Its attractiveness will stand out along with its surprising flavor.

"The original cooking doesn't have to be difficult or laborious"

Below are detailed in a simple and didactic way the steps to follow to bring this dish to your table and surprise your family and guests.

We hope you enjoy it!


  • Prawns

  • 50 g sesame

  • 75 g tempura preparation

  • 100 ml water

  • White cheese cream

  • Extra olive oil

  • Sepia Sepink ink

  • Optional: carrot or other vegetables


  • Put in a bowl the water and the tempura preparation. Mix well with a kitchen stick or whisk until no lumps are left.

  • Add a teaspoon of Sepink sepia ink. Mix until dough is a uniform dark color.

  • Peel the tails from the prawns and thread a long toothpick through the end of the tail.

  • Submerge in the tempura and batter with sesame.

  • Fry in plenty of very hot oil for a short time, so that they are juicy.

  • The prawns can be accompanied with various vegetables cut into thick strips in the shape of a stick, also covering them with the tempura and frying them for a very short time in very hot oil to make them crunchy. In this case carrot sticks have been used.


  • Present the prawns on a plate, together with the vegetable sticks and a little white cheese cream.

DSC_0706 (3)
Pasta negra con brócoli
Empanada de sepia y oreja
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Sepia y su oreja
Chipiron estrellado
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