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Starry baby squid

Look for something light and tasty that brings distinction to a classic squid snack.

Short & Simple Title

Haute cuisine is within reach of anyone who wants to learn, so we bring you this recipe that combines a delicious black foam with a classic ingredient in all our kitchens, the baby squid.

"Go beyond the barrier of the traditional cuisine and go a step further with sepia ink Sepink"

Here are the simple steps to take something different to your table and surprise your family and guests .


For the baby squid:

  • A baby squid

  • Ginger

  • Salt

  • Old style mustard

  • Pickle


For the Sepink black sauce:

  • Baby  squids

  • An onion

  • Two green peppers

  • A clove of garlic

  • A small tomato

  • Water

  • Sepink Ink


For black Sepink foam

  • Squid broth

  • Sepink Ink


For the baby squid:

  • Clean the whole squid and separate the body. Save the fins and tentacles, which we will use for the filling.

  • Make two parallel cuts in the squid and reserve.

  • Cut the fins and tentacles with a knife as if it were a tartar, adding olive oil, old style mustard and a little pickled pickle

  • Season the cuttlefish and put it in a frying pan. With the cut that has been given will be like a star.


For the Sepink black sauce:

  • Make a broth with the vegetables and the squid.

  • When the stock is well reduced, separate the meat and add the Sepink ink.


For the Sepink ink foam:

  • Mix the Sepink ink with a little broth and with the help of a mixer, beat until you get a foam on the surface.

  • Set aside.


  • Place a little sauce on the plate, the baby squid on it and the Sepink sepia ink foam on top. 

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